Monday, June 1, 2009

Getting started

How does a person get started, motivated to do something that they feel needs to be done for their own self worth..I feel like I've been needing to share some of my life with someone who might find value in it. Not that I need recognition or justification for my life, but that I have for my short time on this earth actually done a lot of different thing..
So maybe a back story of me will help get things off and rolling, I want this blog to be about us, a place where we can share what it is that makes us -us.
Here we go then, I was born in southeast Kentucky, in the early 60's to late for the good ol days my parents always talked about and not soon enough to be part of the sexual rockin roller coaster of the late 60's and 70's. I spent my youth working on a tobbaco farm working for my grand paw, I learned a lot because I was young and everyone else was much older, they kinda showed me the ways of the world from a mans point of view, so I think its safe to say that I grew up early.
I met and married at the age of 19, to a very pretty young girl who has been my wife and only true friend in life for 27 years now, oh by the way she was 14 then and still as pretty as ever now. So I think I have some long term relationship experience I can talk about.
Back then I took a job with my father in the coal mines, and though my dad has always been around and in my life I feel I never knew him or understood just what it was that made him, him..I am so thankful for those 5 years of our lives.
Then I got what we call in the hills of Ky "a wild hair up my ass" and just went and Joined the U.S. Army Infantry, 8 years of that to talk about.
Then I decided to buy a truck and go over the road, 7 years of that brings me to today, where I now drive locally and work in the paper carton industry.
Mixed in with all of that I've had my part in the up bringing of 3 great daughters, teenage years and all, BOYS BOYS BOYS, trouble on two legs I like to refer to us. I like cars, music, writing poems and songs, playing guitar ( not very good though) and matching wit with funny people.
So if you think this might have a chance at being something worth while to continue with, then leave me a comment and we will go from there. Thanks very much for your time.

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